Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays

Buck Ridge Plantation has several well-designed shooting facilities, each with its own unique style.

Whether you prefer bird hunting, waterfowl, skeet, or high-powered weapons such as hand guns and rifles, we have a course to challenge the most experienced shooter. We can also provide basic skeet throwers for beginners until they have developed the skills to enjoy some of the more challenging stations.

Quail Walk

This is a fun event that all shooters will enjoy. The walk has challenging shots that can humble even the best shooter. This shooting event simulates real-life quail hunting conditions with the use of clay targets. Walk the path and test your skill. There are 16 shooting stations throughout the winding path which will challenge you with 20 different shots. Where will the next clay target be launched? Only we know.

The Pit

Can you master “The Pit”?

“The Pit” is a solid test of accuracy, recognition and reaction sure to test the skill of any shooter.  We place you in a trench armed with a shotgun and your imagination; unable to guess how many and in which direction the clay targets will be launched by our “pit crew”.

The only control resting with you is when to say, “Pull!”

“The Pit” forces shooters to react at a moment’s notice, making it a great simulation of actual hunting conditions.  You can also invite a friend to compete in “The Pit” with you.

“The Pit” is definitely a place to improve your aim, get great practice and ultimately ace your next hunt!