Dear Randy,

Well another year at Buckridge has come and gone, with the only bad thing is I have to wait 12 months to come back.  I believe this was my tenth time at the best place I’ve ever hunted.

Special thanks to you, Ed and Ben.  Their knowledge of the Buck Ridge property is always awesome.  Every year I’ve seen more and more deer, and the quality of the bucks just gets better and better!  Your management program is working, over the 10 years I’ve been hunting with you!!

As always, the food and accommodations are fantastic, and I enjoyed my long conversation wtih Ms. Margaret and wish her the best.

You, Ed and Ben’s friendship means the world to me and I can’t wiat to come back in 2010.

Have a great year, say hi to everyone.
Your friend,

P.S.  Thanks for my picture in the brochure!!

Dear Randy,

Brenda and I wanted to thank you for making our trip to Buck Ridge an unforgettable experience as a newly wed couple. I was afraid that Brenda would not enjoy herself without me there while I was hunting but she ended up coming with me all except one morning hunt. Your staff is amazing, friendly and hard working people, the food was outstanding and best of all the grounds were phenomenal.

We will definitely see you again soon, Brenda and I were planning our trip back the first day.


Nick Hayes
Aiken, SC

Dear Randy,

Just a very late note (for which I apologize) to thank you for another great trip. Everything was outstanding, the accommodations, the food, the hunt and especially the entire staff. All of the guides were, as usual, beyond compare. You and your staff are to be commended on an entirely first class operation and you personally are someone I am proud to call a friend. Again I want to thank you for everything and plan on our return in Oct. 2007. Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

Fred Sanders
PS : The smoked sausage is the best venison I ever tasted.


I had a ball hunting with you last weekend – thank you so much. Buck Ridge Plantation is a terrific experience: the wildlife, the grounds, and the facilities are all marvelous, and your staff was incredibly helpful and courteous and hospitable.

Best of all, I took my largest white tail ever (which was also my first white tail east of the Mississippi). I’ll be telling the “You can shoot him now if you like” story for a long time to come and I hope to be back to hunt with you next year.

Kathe Vagt

Dear Sherry,

I hope this message finds you doing well. I want to sincerely thank you for this recommendation. Randy had very kind words for you and Mr. Crumley.

I did get the honor to travel to Buck Ridge Plantation this weekend and the hunt was wonderful. Randy Carter and his staff run a top notch facility. The accommodations, meals, and staff were phenomenal. Buck Ridge is by far one of the best places we have hosted a Women On Target® hunt.

We had eight ladies that attended the hunt. There were four bucks taken and ten doe. Though everyone did not harvest a buck, the ladies seemed very impressed and happy. They all agreed that they would venture back to Buck Ridge.

It was very nice to see you on Thursday. Please take care and let me know if there is absolutely anything I can do for you. Thank you again Sherry, and I hope to see you soon.

Kristin Godlesky
P.S. I am in the process of transferring pictures taken on-site to a CD. Once I finish, I will send you the CD for you to enjoy.

Dear Kristen,

Did you go on the trip to Buck Ridge this past weekend? Since I recommended them, I wondered how it went. It was nice seeing you Thursday and I look forward to helping you in any way I can.

Sherry Crumley

Dear Mike,

On behalf of the management team of the NWTF I want to thank you and your professional staff for the excellent hospitality in exceeding every need we could have hoped for during last weeks retreat.

I especially want to praise Randy Carter for the warm friendly can-do approach to every need. As you know, he’s one of your greatest assets. The meals were “top of the line” and both chefs were outstanding in every way. Thanks so much.

Best Regards,
Rob Keck CEO of the NWTF


Thank you for a great week at Buck Ridge Plantation. The lodging, food, facility, and hunting were all great. I was able to relax for a few days without a phone, computer, or a business meeting. I really appreciate your hospitality, making me feel welcome and comfortable, and putting me on a stand that produces a good deer (see attached photo). Please pass my thanks on to Chef Mark, Cindy, Lewis, Gene, Edwin, Ben, and Margret. You have a great group of people working at Buck Ridge!

Dennis Cobb
ESPN’s 2006 Ultimate Outdoorsman Contestant


Just wanted to send a note thanking you again for another great time at Buck Ridge. You and the guys definitely out done yourself again with the hunt, accommodations, any everything else Buck Ridge has to offer. I truly enjoy every minute that I am there and can’t wait till October of 2006!!

Please tell Ed & Ben thanks again for there work giving me an awesome spot to take my buck. You were right, he is bigger than my 10-point I got 6 years ago at Buck Ridge.

Hope the rest of the year goes well for you and everyone, and Donna & I will try to see you guys in New Jersey.

Say hi to Mike for me!
Your good friend!
PS. Donna says “Did you get the gator yet?”


I would like to thank you and all your staff for making my son and I feel at home during our stay this past week, especially You, Ben and Luis, who were our guides. We both had memories of a life time and will never forget. The staff, grounds, accommodations, and food were impeccable and top rate. Like I said to you before I left, you guy’s run a 1st class operation and I look forward to seeing you at the show in New Jersey and hunting again in October/November 2006 for hunting. I can’t wait to see our mounts.

Best Regards,
Wayne & Joe Niedzwiecki


Just thought I’d drop you a note. Just got back from another great time at Buck Ridge. I have been coming down now for 5 years, and it seems to get better each time. Buck Ridge is defiantly the total package, the lodging, the meals, the guides, and other employees make this place simply a must go to place. The deer keep getting better every year. This year was special for me, after I got my buck on Sunday might I found out that I had a family emergency which would call me back home early. The way that you and Buck Ridge handled this was way more than I would have expected. For this I thank you. I can not say enough about Buck Ridge and I tell everyone about this experience. Just want to let you know that you have a customer for life in me and more importantly we have a friendship for life. Looking forward to seeing you in February at the Sportsman Show. And booking my next hunt.

Thank you,
Mike Catalano
Mechanicsburg, PA

Hi Mike,

Well I don’t know where to begin to thank you guys for an incredible five days at Buck Ridge. Once again you gave me lifetime memories.

Harvesting my 8 point and 2 does was beyond my expectations, but you guys are always going above and beyond in everything you do.

Thank you again for the opportunity to take a second buck if one would have presented itself, I don’t know if I could of handled shooting 2 trophy bucks, Randy would have had to tie me down!

I truly enjoy every minute I spend at Buck Ridge, you, Randy and the guys always treat me as if I was one of you! And I truly appreciate it.

I can’t wait till next October when I’ll be back.

Mike, Thank you again for everything.

Your Friend!
P.S. Please have Randy send some pictures. The ones Ben took of me & my deer did not turn out!

Dear Randy:

Just a short but very sincere note of “thanks” for the superb hunt last week. I realize that an ESPN filing crew of such size can be a hassle at times but you and Louis, Michael Ben, Edward, and Mark, handled everything perfectly, as usual. Wayne and the crew were truly impressed as I knew they would be.

I look forward to our next trip, meanwhile if I can be of any assistance just let me know.

Very Best Regards,
Jim Crumley,

Dear Mike, Randy and Jim:

First things first, THANK YOU so much for the pecans! After spending a week at Buck Ridge and grabbing a handful of pecans every time I walked past one of the strategically placed bowls – I became addicted. I wasn’t sure how I would survive, but then your gift arrived. Many thanks for remembering Eddie and I as well as Nick Sisley.

It is rare I host an event (with almost 50 men in attendance) that I don’t receive some complaints about accommodations, the food or even the staff. I can’t tell you that your facilities at Buck Ridge Plantation, each of you and your very capable staff left our group – complaint-free! Numerous times, one or more of our guests pulled me aside and said “why don’t you just come back to Buck Ridge next year”. And honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Not only did you make us look good, you made our jobs much easier. Our 43rd Annual Seminar will be a memorable one, thanks to your efforts.

On another note, it may also be our last seminar in it’s current format. At the present time we are not scheduling and event of this size in 2005, but are looking at some point in the future, the Remington Seminar maybe resurrected or simple reinvented. Having said that, there is no question that Eddie and I will rebook with Buck Ridge in the future for media hunts or other product support events.

Again, our thanks for you assistance in making this years seminar such a resounding success and our thanks for your friendship.

Best regards,
Remington Arms Company Inc.
Linda B. Powell
Senior Manager, Press Releases

Dear Mike,

Wow! You are the Best host of any hunting lodge in America. NWTF and I are indebted to you and all the fine folks at Buck Ridge. Thank you, both personally and professionally. The Chef was awesome and all meals the best. Our guests, George Reiger & Ron Schara were very impressed and had a great time. Please call if I can ever assist you”

Best Regards,
Rob Keck, NWTF

“Randy – Great to be with you at Buck Ridge. You and your staff are the BEST! Thanks for all your kindness, hospitality and friendship. It’s always a thrill to be with you. Look forward to our next time together.”

“Ben – Great to hunt with you. You are a super guide and a very knowledgeable turkey hunter. Sure was great to be with you and share the passion, and thrill and frustration of the longbeard. Look to be with you again.”

“Casey, Mike, Jim… and the ladies of Buck Ridge –
Thanks for the best hospitality and great meals found anywhere. You folks have “invented” the word hospitality or at least given it new meaning.
Great to be with you”

“Mike, Randy and all the Buck Ridge team,
Just a quick note to say thanks again for a great weekend of turkey hunting. Not only did I learn quite a bit, but getting my bird was awesome.

Thanks Again”,
Harold Phillips
Michelin Tire Corp.

“I want to thank all the staff at Buck Ridge once more for the fantastic time Brian, Anthony, and I had there three weeks ago. Our trip was the first guided hunt we were on, but to me it was a 20-year dream come true. When my son Brian was 10 and started to show his interest in hunting and fishing, I began to dream of this trip with him. As fate would have it 20 years had past before it became a reality.

The moment we pulled in the driveway and saw our first glimpse of your world-class facility, I knew this was going to be better than I ever imagined. The plantation house and the lodge are among the finest I have ever seen.

Randy and Edward were superb and went above and beyond to make our hunt successful. Our guides were great. I never expected to be treated like we were on safari.

The food was excellent. All the meals that Chef Peter prepared were five-star meals. The quality, flavor and presentation were just great. Chef Peter is a culinary master.

The second day of of our trip, we talked about coming back next year and when Brian said Dad this was great and we have to do it again, I knew this was everything I hoped would come true. We booked our trip for next year before we left to come home.

Buck Ridge and everyone there will always have a special place in my memory and my heart forever.

Thanks for everything”

“On November 3, 2002, me and some friends arrived at your hunting resort. I must say that I was really impressed.

We were greeted with the respect that is giving to a king, and the hospitality was far beyond what we had expected. Even though our hunt was not successful, we had a great time. The deer stands are some of the nicest stands that I have ever hunted from and the views from the stands were awesome. I also wanted to thank you for the extra morning hunt you allowed us to have and for the trout fishing you added to our hunting package. Only being three hours away, me and my friends would love to hunt on your property every day if we could.

Just to freshen your memory of us, we are the police officers that hunted for the two-day deal you had. Tom, Lee, Chris and Carl.
Please be sure to tell Randy and the rest of the guys thanks for everything.
Oh yea, the food was incredible. I did not go to bed on an empty stomach that’s for sure.

Thanks again, and we hope to see you again.”
Tom Wilson

“Hello to everyone at Buck Ridge Plantation, Just writing to you to say that my visit with you on August 15,16,17, isn’t going to be my last ( booked for rut 2003 before I left and am bringing at least two more people with me). You should be proud of the Staff and Management at the plantation. They went above and beyond their duties to make us feel at home. Randy and Gene were totally knowledgeable in their professions and truly professionals in their fields.

I have been hunting Whitetail for 40 years in Pennsylvania and had many trips with other outfitters in Canada and North America and NONE can compare with Buck Ridge Plantation. I have truly found Whitetail Heaven in South Carolina. I will be back again and again. I really don’t want to tell anyone about you because I want to keep it a secret as we do in PA when we have a good spot picked out, but I find that impossible to do I have to show everyone my photo album and when I went into Gander Mountain wearing my T-shirt the Hunting manager asked me if I just bought the shirt or have I been there, I started to tell him when I remembered that my photo album and brochures were in my truck. By the time I left most of the employees and half the customers had seen them and asked about you. Then I went to the Walking Quail [a sporting goods store in Shippensburg, PA], The manager and I have gone on hunting trips together and went through the stories and left brochures there too.

So for now I say a sad goodbye to Mike, Pete, Randy, Alissa and Gene and all the other wonderful people at Buck Ridge plantation who I feel are now my friends Oct. 2003 can’t come soon enough. See you at the outdoor show in Harrisburg, PA in Feb 2003.”

Thomas Dunn
Shippensburg, P.A.

“We would like to thank you for a really outstanding experience at Buck Ridge Plantation. Everything was super including the food, lodging, hunting, and gracious hospitality…We look forward to being back with you. Our best to you and thanks again.”

Patrick Dalsemer
Licensed Psychotherapist

“I want to thank you and the rest of your staff for a great hunt and fantastic stay during my recent visit with Buck Ridge Plantation. Your facilities and operation are first class. Randy and the guys made me feel right at home and worked hard to make my hunt successful. I am already looking forward to the hunts I have booked with you for next year. Again, many thanks.”

Tim Williams

“What a great place you have. The bow hunt you provided for us was without a doubt the best hunt I have been on in years. Thank you for the opportunity to experience Buck Ridge….”

Thanks again,
C. J. Davis

“Thank you so much for allowing my dad and I to come and hunt. It was great to be able to kill my very first turkey. You have a beautiful place with lots of kind people. Thank you so much!”

Heather Keck

“Thank you for a fabulous weekend. This event, “Women in the Outdoors,” was most spectacular because of this location and the work all of you put into it….I especially enjoyed the Deer Hunting Clinic and the horseback riding! The food was fabulous. I was very impressed with how all of the staff contributed and worked as a team.

Thank you again for allowing us to spend our weekend with you, and I hope to see you all again next year!!”

Julie Schott
P.S. “Thanks also to all of those behind the scenes that worked to make the weekend successful! The show the peacocks gave on Sunday morning was a great finale.”

“Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for everything you did for us this weekend.

Your plantation is truly magnificent, and your staff is simply awesome! This is a wonderful program, and I look forward to the opportunity of participating in next year’s event. . . .

Thanks again for everything!!!!!!
Ann Brown, Women in the Outdoors Participant

“I have been in a daze since my trip to Buck Ridge! Brad and I have had trouble talking about anything else. We had a GREAT time and much of that was meeting you, your family and staff – What nice folks!

Buck Ridge is a unique place, I’m sure you know, I’ve never seen a place quite like it. You’ve put together all the things missing from other hunting lodges.

Thanks again for the wonderful experience and for your warm hospitality. We hope to see you here when the Gamecocks play…”

Art Baker

“Thank you so much for the wonderful hunt and hospitality that you and your staff extended to me and coach Tom Lewis of Sumter. We had a GREAT time. Tom has called and written me saying it was the best hunting/fishing experience of his life… I hope to get down and turkey hunt or fish with you this spring.”

Thanks Again- Brad
Assistant Head Coach, Clemson University

On behalf of the Edisto-Four Holes chapter of the NWTF, I wanted to thank you for allowing us to have our sponsor day event at the Tourville Lodge. I believe everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the set up you have was absolutely fantastic…”

Jeffery L. Thomas, CPA

“I want to personally than you for the bird hunt… Wil Norton, (my faithful sidekick), and I had a wonderful experience that we will not soon forget. I think Wil and I shot fairly well… The final count was a mixed bag of 49 birds with 55 spent shells between Wil and myself. I have been to over 20 different preserves and Buck Ridge Plantation produced as good a hunt [as] I have ever experienced.”

Jim Moore,
Percival & Moore
Timber Sales and Management